The Apps are nearly here…

Well, I’ve been slaving hard over my two apps over the last few weeks, and am delighted to say that development is complete! Both apps should be released on the Apple app store soon….I’ll keep you posted!

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Welcome to KnitsThatFit!

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Hello everybody, and welcome to my new website KnitsThatFit!

I am very excited about my two new KnitsThatFit knitting pattern apps that will be available very soon for you to download from the app stores!

My name is Jacqueline, and I have been knitting and sewing since I was 4 years old.  As grew up, my skills have developed and rather than following patterns I soon started to adapt and modify them to make my own designs.   I also have a very strong technical and mathematical background,  with a science degree and many years of experience as an engineer in a hi-tech environment.

I have always found it very disappointing, when I have spent many hours meticulously creating and finishing a beautiful knitted jumper to a faultless standard, but when I put it on……well it just doesn’t fit as well as I like it.  I have used the correct yarn, checked my tension is correct, knitted the correct size – in fact the garment has come out exactly as it should have done, but it is not as fitted as I would like it to be.  This led me to start calculating how many stitches and rows, for a particular yarn and tension, would give me the fit that I wanted.  With time and experience, I developed and evolved my calculations, until I realised that I could create a whole pattern using them.  I incorporated different options for style, and fit, and all of the calculations were made for a particular set of body measurements and yarn tension.  One day I thought ‘Wow this would make a great app! I shall have to do it one day!’

A few months ago, I was made redundant.  I realised that this could be my chance to combine my knitting and creative skills with my mathematical and technical expertise, and develop my own knitting apps based on my extensive calculations.  Well, that is what I have been doing!  The programming language and interface were completely new to me, so it has been a steep learning curve, but I have done it! I will soon be launching two knitting pattern apps under the name of KnitsThatFit. The hat knitting app is almost ready to launch on the Apple App store, and the Jumper and Cardigan knitting pattern is close behind!

I will be updating this website with my progress, so please be sure to come back again and see how I am getting on!


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