More Stitch Options Added to the KnitsThatFit Hats App!

The KnitsThatFit Hats app has been updated to include new stitch options!

Now, as well as knitting hats in stocking stitch, you also have the option to knit hats in reverse stocking stitch, single rib, double rib, garter stitch, moss stitch (seed stitch) and even a cable stitch!

The app uses your own measurements and yarn specification to create  hat pattern knitting instructions for your chosen design options.

This version (V2.0) is on the app store now, so buy it or update it now!

Here are a selection of hats knitted using the new version of the app.

KnitsThatFit Hats

KnitsThatFit Hats


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Creative Designer and App Developer, I am the creator of the KnitsThatFit Knitting Pattern Apps. My educational and career background are in science and engineering, and I have lifelong experience of creating and designing fashion and knitwear.
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