The Busy Life of a Knitting App Developer

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Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, and some of you may well be thinking that my attention has drifted away from my knitting apps…. well you’ll be pleased to hear that nothing could be further from the truth!

I have a tendency to become fully engrossed in whatever I’m doing, and pursue it incessantly until I have completed it.  So whilst I’m involved in developing a new bit of code to improve my apps, I find I don’t get around to adding anything to this website or any of the social media.  I even do less knitting as I can’t use a keyboard and knit at the same time (and I thought I was a master multi-tasker, lol!).

The good news is that this means that you  can expect some updates to my knitting apps which will introduce new features, for example an update to enable the knitting pattern to be saved as a PDF is on it’s way to the App Store as I type this.

When using my apps, you will find it simple to view your generated knitting patterns as PDF, and open them in other applications.  It probably isn’t obvious that this has been a good 2 weeks of solid work for me (not counting a frustrating 4 days of having no internet connection, thank you BT!).  But I have done it *Hurrah!* and I know that a lot of you will appreciate this feature.  It’s a great relief to be able to tick this off my list – I was actually planning to have PDF capability in my apps from the day I launched them, but I ended up putting the task to one side when I realised how tricky it was going to be, so as not to delay the apps from going on sale.

There are so many more things I am planning to do for my apps, I will be working on them one by one, but as with all app development, each task is probably more work than it might seem to be at first!  But don’t worry, I am working through them.  I am so proud of what I have achieved already –  this time last year I did not know how to make an Apple app at all! – and when I set my mind to do something, I don’t give up!

My current list includes:

  • Adding schematic diagrams to my Sweaters and Cardigans app, to show measurements as well as stitches / rows.
  • Adding app screenshots to this website, so visitors can have a better idea of what the apps do before they buy it, and to give clearer user instructions to those that already have it.
  • Enabling the user to choose a standard clothing size instead of entering their own body measurements.
  • Updating the Sweater and Cardigans app for short sleeves / sleeveless styles.
  • Option to enter number of stitches in a pattern repeat if user wants to use their own stitch pattern.
  • Adding the option for Raglan sleeves.
  • Developing both knitting apps for Android devices.
  • Option for top-down knitting in both apps.

I am going to see if I can put this list somewhere on this website with voting buttons so that you can tell me what would be most important to you, and also if there is anything else you would like me to add.

I have also been working on my own designs which I intend to sell as PDF via websites such as Ravelry (I actually have a few designs almost ready, but due to popular demand I have been working on the coding for PDF generation in my apps instead!).

Happy Knitting!