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Beautiful Knitting Patterns and Customisable App Patterns

Sweater Knitting Pattern Apps

Use the KnitsThatFit Sweaters knitting pattern apps to create your own custom pullover and cardigan knitting patterns for any size and any yarn! Wow! 

Choose from many style options such as neckline shape and sleeve style to create your perfect design.

The options are limitless…you just need to decide what to make first!

Hat Knitting Pattern App

With the KnitsThatFit Hats app you can create endless knitting patterns for beanie and bobble hat styles, in a choice of stitch options including cables.  

You can use any yarn that you like, and choose your own measurements so that you can make hats for the whole family!


Downloadable PDF Knitting Patterns

Multisize Knitting Patterns in a downloadable PDF format.

A small selection available now and the selection will continue to grow! Click the button to see the designs.


Latest Updates

App Update December 2021

*** Really BIG News: KnitsThatFit Sweaters will be on Android soon! ***

KnitsThatFit Sweaters Launching Soon on Google Play!

We are SO excited to be able to tell you that at long last, KnitsThatFit Sweaters will soon be available for Android devices.

The app for Android will have the exact same features as for the app for Apple Devices.

We expect to launch on Google Play in January. We’ll be posting another update here when it goes live, so watch this space!

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Update for KnitsThatFit Sweaters for Apple Devices

This week, we will also be releasing an update to KnitsThatFit Sweaters on the Apple App Store.

This minor update is for a few bug-fixes and tweaks. Included is a neck-depth correction for raglan sweaters.

Some (not all) patterns may be changed by this update, so print or save as PDF if you want to keep your saved patterns as they are.

Planned release date for this update is Wednesday 29th December.

If your device settings are to update your apps manually then you can update on the App Store, otherwise if you have set automatic updates for your apps, then you won’t need to do anything else.


Many fantastic features have already been added to the KnitsThatFit Apps  – including the option for all-in-one sweater patterns that are knitted top-down, yarn quantity calculations, Row Counters, adding your own notes, and copying settings to save time creating new patterns. 

Watch this space for more from KnitsThatFit – get the latest news here or if you prefer to get the latest news sent directly to you by email then just sign up to the newsletter!

I am continually adding to the list of additional features I would like to add, which will eventually be available via app updates!

Perhaps you have a great idea for how these apps could be even better – please get in touch to let me know, it might be something I haven’t thought of!

Please see FAQs for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

We are all living in very strange and challenging times.  Knitting is one activity that we can all safely continue to do, with benefits to our mental health too.  Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

Jacqui x

KnitsThatFit App Support

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enjoy the therapeutic benefits of knitting…

Knitting is Rewarding

Have fun knitting! Pick up your yarn and needles and start now!

Using the KnitsThatFit apps you can create the patterns for the styles that you want with the yarn that you have got in your stash, so you can get started right away!

be Creative…

Custom Knitting Patterns

With KnitsThatFit Hats and KnitsThatFit Sweaters Premium, you can customise every detail to create patterns to use with any gauge of yarn and to fit any person.  Add your style options for the garments you want to make.

About The KnitsThatFit Apps

The KnitsThatFit knitting pattern apps enable you to create knitting patterns for whatever size and fit you choose – for any yarn, and with your chosen style options.

Don’t put off your next knitting project because you can’t find the perfect pattern – get KnitsThatFit Hats and KnitsThatFit Sweaters & Cardigans from the app store now and input your own measurements and design details to create endless knitting patterns, just how you want them!

No more endless searching for the pattern to go with the yarn that you love – these apps can be used with any yarn!

Both apps can be used to create unlimited patterns at no additional cost!


KnitsThatFit Sweaters

No matter what your size, shape or style, you can use the KnitsThatFit Sweaters and Cardigan app to create custom knitting patterns, with your own measurements or standard clothing sizes, for any yarn. There are also options for stitch patterns, sleeve style and neckline size and style.

You can choose from an extensive range of standard sizes, for women, men children and babies, for which all measurements can be individually adjusted, or you can choose to enter your own custom measurements separately.

The knitting patterns are produced as written text instructions – for flat knitting or for knitting in the round – as well as a schematic diagram. You can also make a PDF of the knitting pattern which can be opened in, and saved in any applicable applications on the user’s device.

If you have ever found yourself frustrated that the sweater you have spent so much time knitting doesn’t fit like you want it to – the KnitsThatFit Sweater and Cardigan app will let you create a knitting pattern to your own measurements, and you can choose the fit.

Click Here for more details and support for the KnitsThatFit Sweater & Cardigans App.

The KnitsThatFit Sweaters App can be purchased on the App Store here.


KnitsThatFit Hats

The KnitsThatFit Hat app enables you to create custom hat knitting patterns for your chosen hat size and length.

As for the Sweaters App, you can create the patterns for any yarn of any gauge or type.
You can choose from a range of stitch patterns, including cables that are calculated to fit with the yarn gauge and measurements. There is also the option to knit the hat either flat or in the round.

Do you have small bundles of yarn left over from your knitting projects?  Get the KnitsThatFit Hat app and create a hat pattern to use it up!

You can get help with using the KnitsThatFit Hats App on the support page.

Click Here to get the KnitsThatFit Hats app from the App Store.


I created the KnitsThatFit apps myself, a passionate knitter.  The idea evolved from my lifelong love and experience of knitting, adapting and designing patterns, creativity and also for mathematics.  I use the apps myself, and I  hope you will enjoy using them too!  

Jacqueline x


KnitsThatFit Apps are being used all around the World!

KnitsThatFit Apps are being used all around the world!