KnitsThatFit YouTube Channel Is Live!

Yes KnitsThatsFit now has its own YouTube Channel!

To get it started, we have made some video tutorials to show you how to create a free pattern in KnitsThatFit Sweaters, and a custom pattern with KnitsThatFit Sweaters Premium.

In the future, we’ll be bringing more videos about using the apps, as well as some knitting tips!

Click here to visit the KnitsThatFit YouTube Channel, and make sure that you subscribe so that you don’t miss out when we release new videos!


Many fantastic features have already been added to the KnitsThatFit Apps  – including the option for all-in-one sweater patterns that are knitted top-down, yarn quantity calculations, Row Counters, adding your own notes, and copying settings to save time creating new patterns. 

App Updates Early March 2022

*** Really BIG News: KnitsThatFit Sweaters is now available for Android users! ***

At long last! – KnitsThatFit Sweaters Has Launched on Google Play!

 We are SO excited to be able to tell you that KnitsThatFit Sweaters is now available for Android devices.

The app for Android has the exact same features as for the app for Apple Devices.

KnitsThatFit Sweaters is now available in 49 countries worldwide so far.  If you do not have availability please contact us and we will add your country if possible.

Check that you are always using the latest version – the android app has just been updated to fix some bugs that emerged after release (these bugs will not have affected all users).

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March 2020

We are now giving you yarn quantity information for each pattern that you create in the KnitsThatFit Sweaters Apps! Both the free and premium apps will now give an estimation of yarn quantity required, in both metres and yards. The premium version will also be able to tell you how many balls of your specific yarn you will need, and also make a more accurate calculation for yarn quantity based on your swatch information.

Jan- Mar 2020

Several other fantastic features have already been added to the KnitsThatFit Apps this year – namely yarn quantity calculations, Row Counters, adding your own notes, and copying settings to save time creating new patterns. 

App Update January 2020

New features & PDF issue fixed!

The KnitsThatFit Apps have all had updates this month, which include TWO new features for the premium apps!  

Firstly you can now add your own notes to each knitting pattern that you create, which I know will be welcomed by many.  

Secondly you can now create a new pattern using all of the settings from a pattern that you have already created, which is great if you are creating more than one pattern for the same person.

The problem when creating a PDF of the knitting instructions, which occurred with recent iOS software, has also been fixed for both KnitsThatFit Hats as well as for KnitsThatFit Sweaters.

Older News

I am delighted to announce that I have updated the KnitsThatFit Sweaters app to include raglan sleeve / armhole shaping.

In the app settings, you now have the option to choose between set-in, raglan or drop shoulder sleeves!


I have some more good news! I have just updated the KnitsThatFit Sweaters app so that now there are options for specifying stitch counts for pattern repeats and centre panels when using your own stitch patterns.

The app makes the calculations for you to centre the pattern repeat or centre panel on your work. Also, for pattern repeats, there is the option to adjust the stitch count for a multiple of pattern repeats, and also to add the number of sts to be worked for part of a pattern repeat at the end of the row, so that the pattern is symmetrical.


The KnitsThatFit Sweaters and Cardigans app has just got even better!

In the latest updates, the knitting patterns are created as schematic diagrams as well as written text instructions, and both can be saved as PDF in any other application on the device that supports PDF – this includes iBooks, KnitCompanion, Documents, Evernote etc.

There  are now even more customisable options, including garment ease and sleeve length type, and you can now choose standard sizes as well as using your own measurements. See the details here.

I have also increased the measurement ranges in  the update for the Sweaters and Cardigans app, it will now be possible to choose chest, waist and hip measurements up to 80inches / 203cm.


The latest update of the KnitsThatFit Hats App has a wider range of head sizes that the patterns can be created for. You can now choose to knit a hat for a head as small as 15.5″ or as large as 32″ (40 – 80cm), or anything in-between.

The updated KnitsThatFit Hats App is now available on the App Store!

Knit cable, moss stitch, rib, garter or stocking stitch hats with this versatile customisable app that can be used with any yarn to create hat patterns for any size of head!


KnitsThatFit Hats 



The updated version of the KnitsThatFit Sweaters and Cardigans App is also available on the App Store, this  version has options to knit garments in stocking stitch, rib stitch, moss stitch and garter stitch, and also has improvements to the pattern instructions, and lots of lovely new illustrations!

You can choose to knit cardigans or sweaters, with a selection of neckline finishes, with any yarn, and to your chosen measurements, to be very close fitting, close fitting, standard fitting, loose fitting or oversized.

KnitsThatFit Sweater & Cardigan Styles and Fits
KnitsThatFit Sweater & Cardigan Styles and Fits