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The KnitsThatFit apps create instructions that are targeted for hand knitting.

If you are experienced with machine knitting, you should be easily able to adapt the instructions for machine knitting. Some machine knitters are doing this, and have let me know how pleased they are with my apps.

Obviously with machine knitting, you are not using needles, but instead you have a tension setting.  Machine knitters use the needle size section of the pattern settings to record the tension setting that they would use to achieve their specified knitting gauge.

The other main difference is that when knitting ribbing, you will need to skip the purl stitches and then manually pick them up.

I am planning a future app update to modify the settings and instructions in the app to make them suitable for a machine knitting option.

KnitsThatFit sweaters has a free version, in which you can upgrade to get the premium version, so if you are at all unsure about using the app for machine knitting, you could try the free version and see for yourself.

With KnitsThatFit Premium, you can print or save your patterns as PDF.

You can purchase premium as either a subscription or a one-time purchase.  

Both the written instructions and the schematic can be printed / saved as PDF. You can choose where to save each PDF on your device, and Android users can also save to external storage (i.e. SD card).

You can use the PDFs in the same way as any other PDF (print / markup / open on a computer) provided it is for your own personal use.

The patterns and settings in the app are not stored online, only on your device.  

If your subscription expires, and you keep the app on your device as the free version, you will not be able to access Premium patterns in the app, but all of the patterns you created in Premium would be restored if you took out another subscription.

If you delete the app from your device, all of the app data is removed, so if you reinstalled the app onto the same or another device, your previous pattern settings in the app would be lost.  

When you purchase Premium, you will be able to use the premium app on both your tablet and phone, provided they are both signed into the App Store or Google Play with the same account.

However, the app data for any patterns you create (free or premium), is only stored locally on your device (not in a cloud or server). So if both a phone and a tablet, and you want the same pattern on both devices,  you could do this by creating the pattern on one and then duplicating the settings on the other device.

KnitsThatFit apps are available to purchase from the App Store for Apple device users, and from Google Play for Android device users.

KnitsThatFit Apps are updated on the App Store for Apple device users, and on Google Play for Android device users.

For best performances and to have access to new features as they are introduced, it is important to make sure you are always using the latest version of the app.

If your device is set up for automatic updates, you won’t have to do anything to make sure you are using the latest version. Otherwise you can update manually in the usual way on the App Store or Google Play.

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