KnitsThatFit Sweaters & Cardigans


  • Use any yarn
  • Standard or custom measurements
  • Choose your style details
  • Knit garments for Women, Men, Babies & Toddlers, Girls and Boys.
  • Create instructions for flat knitting or all-in-one (top down).

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Sweaters & CardigansINMK3000

Knit Sweaters, Jackets and Cardigans.


Choose the garment measurements, including neckline style, sleeve style and sleeve length.


Choose the fit for the shape you want to create.

Customise the body measurements and garment ease to get the exact fit that you want.

Generate as many patterns as you like, and save them in your pattern list.


Simulator Screen Shot 17 Jul 2016, 12.53.57Knitting Instructions are produced as both text and a labelled schematic diagram.

Example of a Schematic generated in the app. Example of a Schematic generated in the app.

Patterns can viewed as PDF and opened in other applicable applications on the user’s device, and can also be printed with AirPrint compatible printers.






Customisable features  include:

  • the fit – choose from Very Close Fitting, Close Fitting, Standard Fit, Loose Fit or Oversized.
  • the yarn – input the gauge (tension) for the specific yarn
  • sweater or cardigan (zipped or button
  • raglan, set-in or drop shoulder sleeve /armhole shape
  • long sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless
  • round neck, v-neck, funnel neck, roll neck or flat collar
  • chest, waist, and hip size
  • garment length, exact sleeve length, rib length, neckline dimensions
  • work in stocking stitch, reverse stocking stitch, garter stitch, single or double rib, or moss stitch (seed stitch)
  • use any stitch pattern, and use the app to calculate how to centralise it in your work, or choose to adjust the stitch count for a number of pattern repeats
  • rib options
  • work in cm or inches
  • use metric, US or old UK knitting needles

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If you have any concerns about this app, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve the issue.