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KnitsThatFit Apps enable you to easily create Knitting Patterns to your own design.


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NEW! KnitsThatFit Sweaters now has a Free Version!

In-app purchase necessary to enable all functions of the paid version.

App Update January 2020

New features & PDF issue fixed!

The KnitsThatFit Apps have all had updates this month, which include TWO new features for the premium apps!  

Firstly you can now add your own notes to each knitting pattern that you create, which I know will be welcomed by many.  

Secondly you can now create a new pattern using all of the settings from a pattern that you have already created, which is great if you are creating more than one pattern for the same person.

The problem when creating a PDF of the knitting instructions, which occurred with recent iOS software, has also been fixed for both KnitsThatFit Hats as well as for KnitsThatFit Sweaters. 

Watch this space for more updates coming soon!


KnitsThatFit Designs

Downloadable PDF Knitting Patterns

Knitting Pattern PDFs are now available to purchase on Love Knitting and Ravelry and from this website! Click Here to see the designs.

About the KnitsThatFit Apps

With KnitsThatFit knitting  pattern apps, you can create knitting patterns for whatever size and fit you choose, with any yarn, and with your chosen style options.

With the KnitsThatFit Sweaters app, you can choose from an extensive range of standard sizes, for women, men children and babies, for which all measurements can be individually adjusted, or you can choose to enter you own custom measurements separately.

The knitting patterns are produced as written text instructions as well as a schematic diagram. The patterns can be viewed as a PDF which can be opened in any applicable applications on the user’s device.

No matter what your size, shape or style, the KnitsThatFit Sweater and Cardigan app can be used to create custom knitting patterns, using your own measurements or standard clothing sizes, for any yarn. There are also options for stitch patterns and neckline size and style.

Click Here for more details about the KnitsThatFit Sweater & Cardigans App.

The KnitsThatFit Sweaters App can be purchased on the App Store here.

The KnitsThatFit Hat app enables you to create custom hat knitting patterns for your chosen hat size and length, and again you can create the patterns for any yarn.


Do you have small bundles of yarn left over from your knitting projects?  Get the KnitsThatFit Hat app and create a hat pattern to use it up!


Click Here to get the KnitsThatFit Hats app

No more frustration that the sweater you knitted doesn’t fit like you want it to – the KnitsThatFit Sweater and Cardigan app will let you create a knitting pattern to your own measurements, and you can choose the fit.


Click Here to get the KnitsThatFit Sweaters and Cardigans

Don’t put off your next knitting project because you can’t find the perfect pattern – get KnitsThatFit Hats and KnitsThatFit Sweaters & Cardigans from the app store now and input your own measurements and design details to create endless knitting patterns, just how you want them!

No more endless searching for the pattern to go with the yarn that you love – these apps can be used with any yarn!

Both apps can be used to create unlimited patterns at no additional cost!

Watch this space for more from KnitsThatFit – get the latest news here

I am planning updates to give you even more features!

I want these apps to help you make what you want to make, so if there is something you would like to see, please let me know!

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